Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Operation Hawaii

When I was growing up I often thought of myself as a "king" so to speak. I lived in Alaska and of course was the worlds most amazing Corgi. But then I moved to Hawaii... life was no longer the same. No snow, strangers never came, it smells like the city all the time, and I almost never saw any other dogs. I gave up my title as "king" and "burned" my documents of my Alaska life. It was too much, and I decided that one day, many years from now, another Corgi would come and take up their own blog and become "king". Well, things have changed, times are good. Life has gotten good again after this hot year in Hawaii and my Alaskan home sickness, things have changed. I'm nearly 30, there is a younger one now. But I'm still going hyper. There are new places, more exciting things. And NOW, only now, I'm coming back. That Corgi may appear years from now but my title as "king" Of MY blog will be held by me. And, of course, the title of the most amazing Corgi in Hawaii, because that's what I, Jake, am. And now I'm back. Now I'll explain in my future posts what I mean by all of this.